Monday, February 28, 2011

Dave Betamax - Dissolved: Album Reviewed

South Florida has been enjoying the musical stylings of Dave Betamax ever since his Smut + Bass crew broke on to the scene just over a year ago. It seems like every rave or club event since then has had at least one of their representatives featured. A group that includes numerous talented DJs and producers like Sahar Berlin, Magoula, DJ Kronik, and Banaboogie. Dave is the president and leader of this colorful band of label mate flag bearers and yet he was able to put together an album that feels very isolated at times. Despite his connections to a larger collective, Dissolved is obviously a personal voyage the listener has to gather courage to really examine.

The album’s intro “Alone on Mars” is an ambient collage of bars that feel very true to its name. What I would listen to if I were Doctor Manhattan peacefully sitting on Mars pondering what it means to be Omnipotent. Two hundred and twenty-seven million kilometers from the sun, its light is already ten minutes old. So I move right along, “Plastic” is the kind of balanced mixture of deepness and pace without clocks or hourglasses that can trap the pink sands of Mars. It starts out relaxing but then picks up the energy, which is similar to the entire album.

If I had to choose a favorite track, it would be “Feelings.” Which reminds me of hearing a painter describe his body of work at the reception for his gallery exhibition. The album is his gallery and the overall theme is about missing a piece of your humanity. In Dave Beta’s case (he added the Max later because of a Facebook technicality) he leaves clues embedded in his songs titles. Whether it’s a signal that was lost, a lost heaven, or a piece of plastic that is missing life. Even 13/14.0 signifies something that’s incomplete.

On “Heaven Lost” and “The Tryst” the mood set by many of the album’s previous tracks are shaken up. It’s a leap to up-front broken beat rhythmic pleasure. We’re still on Mars but nuclear war with the Soviets is averted and its time to let loose. The title track is just over eight minutes long but really it’s just an outro featuring some more ambient goodness followed by a cover of Massive Attack’s classic “Dissolved Girl” off of their 1998 Mezzanine album.

Dissolved is the kind of music that would exist regardless of life. In Doctor Manhattan's words “an overrated phenomenon, Mars gets along perfectly without so much as a microorganism.” This is true enough but the music also lives equally within the sentient. Even if were all just on the dance floor doing the robot.

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Friday, February 25, 2011

Methodus & Somejerk on WVUM Tonight

Got this word from the man Methodus:

"Catch me alongside the partner in grime somejerk for Dubstep Army on WVUM 90.5 FM The Voice tonight from 10pm! We'll be giving away tickets to ONE MOVEMENT feat. VON D (Argon, Boka) 2/26 and dropping some fresh new sounds for your ears! Tune in!"

Do it. On March 10th you can find these guys at GET LOW WMC doing back 2 back set!

Don't forget to vote for WVUM and hit up their Speed Voting Rave with Caligula and more!

Pre-Party Tonight at Eve for 9 Mile Music Festival

We told you about all the dubstep going down at the 9 Mile Music Festival March 12th. You may be asking if it's possible to do a Pre-Party for an event two weeks away. Well the answer is "yes", it's happening. The lineup is sick, and you need to get yourself to EVE Event Space tonight! Everyone gets in free before 11pm! After that it's $10 for 18+ and only $5 if you're 21 of older. Brought to you by the good folks at BassHead Music and Miami Vape is a full lineup of varied styles for your listening pleasure.

BEBE and the GROUND ZERO crew (B-boy exhibition)
Freestyle Cypher Open Mic

EVE 1306 N Miami Ave, Downtown MIA

Monday, February 21, 2011

Animal Krackerz, Bats(tep), Jumanji on the Internets

Three of the stars from last Thursday's mega GET LOW have new Facebook pages they want you to be a part of. Show love by clicking their photo (shout to and becoming a fan!

JWLS & Animal Krackerz- Cuban Missle (Original Mix) by Animal Krackerz

The promising new producer made his live debut at GET LOW look easy, with the crowd eating out of his hand. The impact was still being felt last night with Juan BassHead playing his music on the radio last night for "Where Were U in 02?"

Excision - Subsonic (BATS Remix) by BATS (Formerly Batstep)

The recent [SMUT+BASS] signee, BATS (formerly BATSTEP) took over the decks after HULK and kept the dancefloor going late into the night.

Open - MC Jumanji by mcjumanji

This man has been holding down the mic for GET LOW for over a year and a half. Respect.

Stay tuned for full info on the GET LOW WMC event with HATCHA going down March 10th!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

From Paris to Miami: Von D

I remember a few years back my good friend Giovanna Brass was telling me about this French producer Von D. She was excited to be featured as the model for album art on Von's Coquine record. After hearing the tune I knew why she was so stoked, it was a masterpiece of a record. Such a ridiculously sexy beat it had to come straight from Paris.

I was fortunate enough to catch him play at last years Smog vs. Basshead party. While the massive crowds were trashing out to big wigs like Skream and Plastician in the main room, Von D was matching their every rhythm out on the patio. Such an inspirational vibe I couldn’t help but to think how cool it would be to catch a Von D set at a more personal venue where the focus was better concentrated. Nothing against the big raves obviously but these sounds needed to be championed on their own. Well here is that very opportunity.

The guys at One Movement are bringing Von to play at that freshest new spot downtown, Loft 168 next Saturday February 26th. If you’re like me and cherish only the highest quality dubstep bass then this is a cant miss show. If you haven’t heard of Von D yet, don’t hand in your dubstep cool card without a fight. Mark your calendars and prepare to be consumed with vibes, sweat your tail off, and probably get laid.


Saturday, February 26, 2K11

ONE Movement presents:

an intimate dubstep affair with:


VON D [Argon, Boka, Paris, FR]

with support from:

Dave Betamax
Somejerk vs.


Located @
Loft 168
168 SE 1st St.

2nd Floor of the historic Huntington Bldg.



Von D Music
Buy Coquine
Facebook Invite
Loft 168 Map

Monday, February 14, 2011

New HULK Mix + Advance Tickets Get You Ready To Get Low Thursday

This Thursday HULK comes to GET LOW!!! Super stoked, especially after hearing their latest mix!

HULK - The Warbound by Hulk

"Warbound" is a beast of a live mix by HULK member CLAW. He'll be representing the crew at GET LOW this Thursday. Unfortunately Richie August can't make it out to this show, but did we hear he'll be around for Ultra week! Don't forget, the next BassHead Music release is HULK's "Booty Clap / Work It". Out Feb 22; first 2 weeks exclusively at Beatport. Get it!

Please get your tickets for the event here! If you are under 21 (ladies and gentlemen) this is the ONLY way you will get into this event. Don't say we didn't warn you.

Join our Facebook page, and help spread the GET LOW gospel...

Follow us on Twitter and stay up to the minute on our moves...

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

JAKES this Saturday

Last year for April's GET LOW we were set to bring you the Miami debut of Datsik. As you know, we found out the day before that he couldn't make it, and our bass-filled hearts broke. They quickly healed when we found out that our replacement for the night would be none other than JAKES! Alas, the happiness could not last as JAKES canceled the next day. We still got low and celebrated the BassHead 9 Year Anniversary with much awesomeness.

Fast forward as redemption finally comes this Saturday! We have HENCH boss JAKES making his way from Bristol, England to The Electric Pickle! Details on the flyer below. Get ready to GETSOME!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

[SMUT+BASS] Presents FIN DU MΩNDE with Methodus

What do we have in store for February? Your favorite local low end regulator and Rubik Records master of propaganda, METHODUS, will be joining us for one of the most versatile nights we have yet to offer you. We will be covering the entire bass spectrum on the night of February 9th, so make sure you come out for a motherfucking preWMC bass tutorial. Where all the real Miami bassheads at?

A huge shout out goes to our homies at Mia
mi Dubstep, Down Dubstep, DubPorn, Naderade, Rubik Records, PatternAwareness, and (((SHAKE))) for all the support; see you all at BAR on Wednesday, February 9!!

Sounds by

METHODUS (Rubik Records)
MAGOULA (Smut+Bass)
DJ KRONIK (Smut+Bass)
PARCELL (Smut+Bass)


Additional bassbins by Big Mash Sound!!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Hulk Smash February! BassHead Music Record Release and Get Low Debut

Two weeks from tonight we'll be smashed between The Vagabond subs for the mighty GET LOW! In our 22nd edition we bring the mega dubstep production duo HULK! Consisting of CLAW (NY) and RICHIE AUGUST (Chicago), HULK has been on fire, catching the ear of Juan BassHead who had to sign them! Their record featuring tracks "Booty Clap" / "Work It" will be released on BassHead Music February 8th.

Thursday February 17th will be the Miami Release Party, so it's time to celebrate! JUAN BASSHEAD and GOODDROID are playing, along with couple of newcomers to the GET LOW arena, BATSTEP and ANIMAL KRACKERZ. Every Friday at 1pm BATSTEP hosts "The Batcave Sessions" on Radiate FM, 88.1/95.3/96.9 or stream online. Peep his production below, and catch him live on the 17th!

Batstep - Spray n' Pray by Batstep

Aaliyah - Are You That Somebody (Batstep's East Coast Dirty South Remix) by Batstep

Also making his debut this night is a talented young producer by the name of ANIMAL KRACKERZ. Expect big things from this kid!

Animal krackerz- Stomach Holes (Original Clip) by Animal Krackerz

CheeseMachine ( clip ) by Animal Krackerz

Super fresh lineup plus MC JUMANJI & THE NOME on the microphone equals another one for the books! Out on the Patio we have FRANKY HELIX curating a night of glitchy experimental beats from his experience with Partnerz N Grime and Moksha. The bar room blasts off with the best hip hop in town. 3 rooms of boom for your listening/dancing/skanking pleasure! Stay up on our Twitter for all updates. Do your job.