Thursday, December 29, 2011

NOME - Dual Promo 2012 [Free Download]

All tracks produced and arranged by NOME.

These are two different promos with two different themes that I was handing out recently. I decided to mash'em together and post it online for those who never got a physical copy. This was a good calendar year for learning, expanding and professionalism. You can peep the full version of some of these tunes at I hope nothing but the best for all musicians, producers, engineers, emcees, labels etc. Happy New Year and enjoy!

NOME - Dual Promo 2012 [Free Download] by NOME

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

DOWN returns / moves to Purdy Lounge

DOWN has finally found a new home! Starting Wednesday, thanks to our friends at (786), we're now located in the back room of Purdy Lounge on South Beach.

No cover all night! Try our amazing drink special: PB&Js! It's a PBR ($2) and choose a shot from the 3 J's... Jameson, Jager or Jose Cuervo ($5) or ($7) for the combo all night long!

DOWN has featured headliners Hoodnasty, Hulk, Djunya, FaltyDL, Joe Nice, Scuba, Headhunter, Distance, Brenmar, Nick Argon, DJ Rashad, Ramadanman, DJG, Salva, Zed Bias, as well as a number of prominent local electronic music acts.

Spinning the best in all thing BASS are resident DJS:

Ashworth -
Gooddroid -
Gray Ghost -
somejerk -

1811 Purdy Avenue, Miami Beach, FL 33139

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Get Juan BassHead to Release His Live GET LOW Mix!

Hey everybody! We're trying to get JUAN BASSHEAD to release his live mix from GET LOW XXXI with Hatcha and N-Type, and we need your help! We need to get his new facebook fan page to 1000 and he'll bless us with the mix. It's greatness. Juan never releases mixes, so this is a rare opportunity. You know how epic the last one was. Go like this:

Share that page, this blog, or the facebook event page to help us get the word out. The faster we reach 1000, the faster we'll be jamming out to the live sounds of Miami's bass king. Let's get it!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

My Top 5 Songs from Dubporn: The Future

After an interesting back and forth on Twitter over the new Dubporn Compilation I decided I should write a little review here and put the matter to rest. Basically the tweet suggested that I could not decide on a favorite track because they were all so good, it’s fair enough to say I was pleasantly surprised at the collection put together by camp Dubporn. I knew my long time pal Adrianna Gooddroid had put together a label catering to bassey-garagey-technoie stuff, but it was from Miami. Unless we’re talking about Wade and Lebron battling Kobe, CP3, and the rest of the Lakers in the 2012 NBA Finals, Miami doesn’t typically generate a tremendous amount of buzz internationally. Could this Miami start-up really be a relevant player, a tropical Hyperdub oasis La Sanwicherie’d somewhere in between Coral Gables and the American Airlines Arena?

Illegitimate Children and Handbook both add two songs a piece making up just over a quarter of the entire compilation between the both of them. I want to go on record and say that even if Illegitimate Children produced a pile of dirty laundry I would still listen to it at least once based solely on the name. It’s definitely not laundry though, they’re actually delightfully produced tracks. Especially “Cubicle”, which I believe is the opening track and does of good job of quickly raising the expectations throughout. Blacksmif’s contribution, “Legend of the White Horse Plains” jumps out as wordy frontrunner for my personal favorite despite him modestly admitting that he himself preferred Handbook. Noble move on his behalf but Handbook’s two offerings “Luurrve” and “Girl, Stay” are slightly sappy for my taste. Sentimental baked goods not suited for misanthropes who like making love while watching Ichi the Killer or the even more barbaric film, Babel. They’re probably Drake’s favorites though.

“Mortem Obire” is the second song on here and it definitely appeals to my nostalgia for bottom notes. The moody layers and mature tones means it was almost certainly produced by a grizzled veteran involved in the intricacies of sound engineering for numerous decades…wait, WHAT! 18 years old! Fuck man, this happens to me now at least once a year when I’m introduced to a producer that I think is much older based on the maturity of their music. Whether it’s Kode9 first introducing me to Joker or in this case Biak. Could it be us twenty thirty somethings naturally feel like the next generation couldn’t possibly understand the subtle philosophies and vacuous nuances that made this sound great in the first place? It’s quasi Gran Torino mentality that should get the kibosh before we’re left standing on the porch like Walt Kowalski waving a M1 Garand around at 3 o’clock in the afternoon.

5 Years of Hyperdub cost me somewhere in between three months interning at a Miami ad agency and half a day raking autumn leaves off Granma’s front lawn. I’m not saying Dubporn Records: The Future is anywhere close to 5 but it’s free and it’s worth talking about. The labels potential and the strength of its young roster make downloading a no-brainer. If I had to make a critique it would be that a few of the songs feel over-ambitious technically, bordering on pretentious. The best beats in the world are simple loops with just one or two creative breaks. As soon as I start hearing classical piano samples and build-ups that progress into a song’s third melody I tune it out faster than I tune my family out when I’m trying to watch the second game of a NBA tripleheader on Christmas Day.

Overall I stand by my original tweet, the whole collection is highly enjoyable and paints a ton of atmosphere for the listeners. It’s layered, moody and challenging and a brilliant way to showcase the first year of a promising new label from the land of cortaditos, flamingos and Ferraris.

Top 5:

1. “Concentrate” - Somejerk

2. “Spun” – Sipp

3. “Shimma” - Porphyro

4. “Legend of the White Horse Plains” - Blacksmif

5. “Opaque” – Chalk.

Download it.


Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Win tickets for GET LOW with HATCHA + N-TYPE!

I know everyone who remembers GET LOW WMC is excited about the Sin City Tour coming to Miami!

That was HATCHA destroying The Vagabond, in case you forgot! This time he brings back badman N-TYPE and their MC CRAZY D for his Miami debut. Get more info on the night from the Sweat Records blog and our official event invite.

All the heads already know what's going down, and we want to give you a chance to get in FREE! Win your tickets by following the instructions below...

1) Like GET LOW and on Facebook.

2) Leave us a comment on the wall of our Facebook page.

3) We'll choose the winner Thursday, Dec. 1 at 4pm, so do it before then. Good luck!

P.S. There will be another contest on the GET LOW Twitter tomorrow, so follow them if you don't already.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

DP005 Released on Dubporn Records

Ukranian based DJ Reixtra's Prymara EP was released on Dubporn Records on November 28th. After many years performing everything from Drum and Bass to IDM to experimental and anything in between, Reixtra settled on a found that gravitates towards Dubstep and Future Garage, with heavy influences from Reggae and Calypso.

The EP, titled Prymara, features seven tracks that showcase the artist’s versatility while embracing the label’s deep bass roots. With tracks like the haunting yet romantic “Pregnancy” and the equally airy yet dark and bass fueled “Neverliving”, the EP explores the “pacifying, often sad atmospheric sounds” that he is known for. The ep’s title track, “Prymara, is a perfect dreamy example of the “set of extraordinary rhythms” that he is well versed at creating.

Reixtra: Pregnancy by Dubporn Records

You can purchase the Prymara EP at many fine online retailers such as Beatport, Boomkat, Juno, Itunes and more.

Dubporn Records also recently released a new free compilation EP titled 'The Future' featuring tracks from signed and unsigned artists.

Look out for Adames's 'Be Bop Peru' EP released on December 12th as well as Imaginary Friend's 'Dark Matter' LP on the 26th.

For more info go to

Monday, November 28, 2011

Download a Free Dubstep Tune + New Mix from Animal Krackerz aka AMKZ

As a thanks for helping to get his Facebook page to 500 Likes, ANIMAL KRACKERZ aka AMKZ is giving you one of his dubstep tunes for free download! As a bonus we've attached his banging Smile For Camera mix for download as well. Get it, and don't miss your boy opening for HATCHA, N-TYPE and JUAN BASSHEAD at GET LOW this Thursday!

Animal Krackerz - Dome Piece!(Free DL) by Animal Krackerz (AMKZ)

Animal Krackerz(AMKZ)-Smile For Camera Mix-FREE DL by Animal Krackerz (AMKZ)

Friday, November 18, 2011

DP004 Released: Inanna's Cariad EP on Dubporn Records

Inanna's long awaited Cariad EP has finally been released on Dubporn Records. Featuring remixes from PTR1 and Shoju, Cariad has received amazing reviews. This is definitely a release you need to get your hands on.

'Cariad immediately takes us back to a time where life was easy, nothing to worry about, innocence. The music-box melody and chimes combine with simple percussion in an Aphex Twin type piece that gets the replay everytime. It’s left up to her own remix to take it up a notch into the more broken beat territories that some may find even more blissful, keeping all the original elements and adding a little tempo with some warm bass to boot. Unbelieveably good music, so nice.

The experimental mix hears children laughing and a 4/4 kick that gives more movement whilst not overpowering the overall sense of wonderment and beauty held by the main music-box melody that gets even more embellished here. Then lastly Shoju gives ‘Cariad’ an overhaul and turns it into a more dancefloor slice of heads down, deep house music that will go down a storm come 3am at Fabric.'

You can purchase the EP on Beatport, Boomkat, Juno and at other fine online retailers.

Look out for the 'Future of Dubporn' compilation that's being released on November 24th, followed by Reixtra's 'Prymara' EP on the 28th. Lots more to come in December.

For more info check out the Dubporn Records site, or find us on Facebook or Soundcloud.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Guy Who Started This Blog's Birthday

Hey everyone! I know it's short notice, but I would like to invite you to my party at The Vagabond tonight! Some of the best music in the 305 is featured from bass and beyond. BassHead Music bad boys JUAN BASSHEAD & MC JUMANJI perform multiple sets around the bands, and you know they always throw down. Another act you'll love is BEATMACHINES, an bass-heavy electronic group that never plays the same thing twice. For more info check the Sweat blog and the FB invite. See you there!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

2 HipHop heads and Dubstep

I picked up Ephniko from the airport one rainy evening. He had just flown in from Colombia where he was recording his new album. After peeping out his new project in the car we spoke about a possible remix for one of his new tunes and about him spitting on one of my original tunes. We set up a date to meet at TRIFEKTA studios to select a tune that he could drop some vocals on. He selected Violence, returned a week later and we recorded the vocals and the result was this..

Ephniko - Violence [refix] [Produced by NOME] [DUBSTEP] by NOME

Monday, October 24, 2011

somejerk live at KEEP GOING & free dubstep download

+++ DOWNLOAD +++

I started this remix of Mainframe's "Taps" in 2008 and never quite finished it. after not listening to it or playing it for a couple of years i thought it'd be cool to share it with everyone as a free download.

Unfortunately i don't have the Ableton Live file any more (see a trend in my production workflow appearing?) so it is what it is! hope you like and share.

free tunes by somejerk


somejerk live at moksha by somejerk

+++ DOWNLOAD +++

Recorded live Saturday October 22nd at the Moksha Family Gallery in Miami using Serato. These aren't the newest tunes, except for the two of mine at the end, so whatever. Old dubstep is better anyways! Ooooooooooh. Really though, I rarely play an all dubstep set any more, so hopefully you enjoy.

Lynx & Alix Perez ft. Kemo - Keep It Low (Seed remix)
Jakes - Signal
Distance - Clockwork
Emalkay - Explicit
Kromestar - Off Da Hook
Magnetic Man - The Cyberman
Nero - Feel This Way
The Others - Ganja Man
Anyman - Genesis
Von D ft Foreign Beggars and Spyda - Maximum Boost
KGB - Ghetto Blaster
NTRLD - Drag
Chris Brown ft. Lil Wayne & Busta Rhymes - Look At Me Now (Dillon Francis Remix)
The Constellations - Setback (Starkey Remix)
somejerk - Black and Blue
somejerk - Rising Down
Joker & Rustie - Play Doe
Lazer Sword - Batman
Joker & TC - It Ain't Got A Name


Come see me play!

Wednesday October 26th at Purdy / 786
Tropical Park ft. somejerk, Ashworth, Gooddroid

Thurday November 3rd, patio of the Vagabond
somejerk's Birthday Party - Full line up TBA

Saturday November 12th at Eve
United DNB ft. Soular, Sour Diesel, somejerk, DJ Logic, and residents Danny Bled, AlphaXero, The Engineer, DJ Dalé. Hosted by Disidente and Nome

Now accepting dubstep, moombahton and drum and bass bookings for you your upcoming club, rave, quince or baptism events. Please email John at for date availability. 18+ events only, please.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Enter the Void: Chalk's. Void EP on Dubporn Records

Dubporn Records artists Chalk released a free EP titled 'Void' featuring some of the deepest, sexiest Future Bass tracks they've produced to date.

If you haven't gotten it yet make sure you do, its not to be missed. Look out for more free Dubporn Records releases on Bandcamp every month from signed artists and other unsigned artists we absolutely love.

Following Porphyro's excellent 'Qualia' EP, Inanna's 'Cariad' EP DP004 will be released on November 14th digitally and on vinyl.

For more info check out

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

(((SHAKE))) 3 Year Anniversary at The Vagabond

Thursday, October 20th (((SHAKE))) celebrates 3 years of Miami party times! They're bringing a bunch of bass with guests like JUBILEE (Nightshifters/Brooklyn to Miami) and ASHWORTH (Get Low/Down).

Tropical bass will fill the patio for the second Moombahton Over Miami featuring hometown producer JWLS, alongside CHISMOSA, STEREOTYPE and THE GET.

If you love GET LOW, please go out tomorrow and show some love to (((SHAKE))) for bringing you Miami's best bass party every month!


P.S. We hear there's going to be a special surprise set by the boys from BASSHEAD MUSIC! F-YES!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

This Sunday: DOWN ft. Okulus Anomali

With this edition of DOWN we're proudly presenting our special guest:

Okulus Anomali (Generation Bass / Code of Arms)


Born in Budapest, Hungary, raised in South Florida and traveling much of the world at a young age, Okulus Anomali is "a combination artist faceting his main talents as a composer, musician, DJ, designer and an 'Everyday Mystic-Poet-Philosopher'."

A true global bass pioneer, Okulus Anomali has released music through Generation Bass (UK), Crossroads Records (Northern California)
Six Degrees Records (San Francisco), Code of Arms (NYC), K. Pro Records (Spain), Sweet Rains (NYC) and W.O.A. (India) as well as usage in film.

El "son" de Aquiles - Sahachiro (Okulus Anomali Dubstep/Bass Music Remix) - K Pro Records - Madrid by Okulus Anomali

"Non-Prophet Organization" by Pan Agnostix (Code of Arms Records / Generation Bass) by Okulus Anomali

With residents :

somejerk (Pattern Awareness/Get Low)
Ashworth (Get Low)
Gooddroid (Get Low/Dubporn Records)
Gray Ghost (Dubporn Records)

No cover | 18+ | No lines, no bullshit!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Magoula on Where Were U in 02

Two Way here,

Peep the flyer below!

You can tune in at 95.3 in Miami, 88.1 in Kendall/Homestead and 96.9 FM in NMB. to stream.

Check out the download for it next week here

Big ups!

Monday, October 3, 2011



Fresh off opening for Tunnidge at September's GET LOW, ANIMAL KRACKERZ aka AMKZ has a beast of a tune to unleash on the heavy dubstep lovers. Here comes RHINO...

BATS has been tearing up South Florida parties from Steam up to Proper Dosage lately. Through all the shows he still found time to introduce his ALTER EGO....

Download his live set from

If you've slept on the Rihanna remix BATS & AMKZ did, you should go grab that while you can. It was dropped by Juan BassHead on GetDarkerTV #106, and the chat room lit up! This Thursday, October 6th at The Vagabond (((SHAKE))) catch these guys with fellow BassHead and Miami Dubstepper OTTO VON SCHIRACH (Triangle Earth) who will be performing a special DJ set full of unreleased Miami Bass Warriors tunes! Headlining the night we welcome LA bassmaker FLINCH (Trouble & Bass) to make our little SMOG VS BASSHEAD reunion complete! If you want to see this killer show for FREE, just send your name to!

Basshead Logo Going Mental!

This is for my Basshead family, roots and music from Miami, USA, UK, and Outer Space. I put some new motion graphics plug-ins to work for me and came up with this cool little animation. I wanna see Reinaldo throw this up on the big screen at the next rave!

Right click and save: [Download]

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Dubporn Records Releases DP003: Porphyro's Qualia EP

After the successful release of Inanna's Touch Me EP, Dubporn Records comes from a very talented young man out named Oliver Wallace, also known as Porphyro. Only 22 years of age and based out of Canterbury London, Porphyro's sound can be described as a mature take on Modern World Bass Music.

The EP, titled Qualia, features two tracks which showcase what could almost be the range of his sound. The first track, 'Finance' draws heavily from the deep bas sound with emphasis on bass and a trance inspired vocal track. The second, 'Never', is an airy, spacey track that almost floats effortlessly by.

Set to be released on October 10th, Qualia can be purchased at one of many fine online retailers.

The music video for Finance will be out on the same day, Directed by Adrianna Moschides, Lauren Valdes and STENFilms.

For more info check out:

Our site recently experienced a major database failure and is being re-built. We apologize for the lack of updates!

somejerk live at Down 9/25/11

Recorded live at Eve on Sunday September 25th 2011. There's a few fuck ups but you know...shit happens. - - Down is every other Sunday!

1. somejerk- One Night
2. Braille - A Meaning
3. Distinction - Hybrid Seizure
4. Mak & Pasteman - What It Do
5. Vex'd - Pop Pop VIP
6. King Thing - Annie's Mac
7. SRC - Goomba VIP
8. Vex'd - Angels
9. Baobinga & I.D. - Tongue Riddim VIP
10. Benga & Walsh - Military
11. Bukez Finezt - Moombox (Bombaman remix)
12. Roska - Abrupt
13. Mak & Pasteman - Club Action
14. somejerk - Give It To Me
15. Clicks & Whistles - No More
16. somejerk - Every Day
17. somejerk - Get
18. somejerk - Rock For Years
19. Lao - Tribu De Tambores (Letter D remix)
20. Diplo - Rollin
21. Terror Danjah - Zumpi Hunter
22. Mr. Mitch - Fright Night (SRC remix)
23. South Rakas Crew - Gangsta Revival (SRC remix)

9/25 - Down at Eve (no cover, dubstep garage and future bass) - RSVP
9/29 - Moombahton Over Miami at The Vagabond (moombahton) - RSVP
10/1 - Gallery Saturdays at The Green Room, Ft Lauderdale - RSVP
10/6 - Moombah 101 at Jazid, South Beach (moombahton) - RSVP
10/7 - First Fridays at PRL, Hollywood (glitch, jungle, beer) - RSVP
10/8 - Multiversal Preparty at Artwalk, Miami (art and bass) - RSVP
10/9 - Down at Eve (no cover, dubstep garage and future bass) - RSVP

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


If you're a good BassHead, you've already hit your favorite digital outlet (Beatport, Itunes, etc) and bought their latest release by Canadian duos ZEDS DEAD & THE KILLABITS called "Bassmentality." Bassmentality is also the name of the artists' Toronto party, where JUAN BASSHEAD has played multiple times. BassHead helped bring ZEDS DEAD (and hopefully THE KILLABITS soon) here to GET LOW for their first Miami show, so you see it was natural for Juan to put out the two groups' first musical collaboration.

Thanks for helping the home team get up to #4 on the Beatport Dubstep chart!

Now if you haven't bought it, go do it, so we can push BassHead Music to number 1! We leave you with our final argument, this intense drumstep remix by sought-after producer FIGURE.

Saturday, September 24, 2011


Vudoo feat. Dionysiac [Preview] by Dave Betamax

Dave Betamax returns with a preview of a track from his forthcoming release, Floating Rocks, scheduled to drop at the end of the year. This is also part of a side project he is cultivating that will go by the name Dead Tongues. This track is a score from an unwritten movie based on Japanese folklore. The song begins with a dark, ominous atmosphere sprinkled with the haunting piano of one of our mysterious newcomers, Dionysiac. The track throws you deep in the jungle with deep vibrations, hard hitting tribal drums, and seductive vocals.

Follow him and his label on Twitter!


Juan BassHead & MC Jumanji Take Orlando for Dublife's 4th Anniversary

Tonight BassHead Music hits the road for the 4 Year Anniversary of DUBLIFE in Orlando. Put on by Jungala, DUBLIFE was Orlando's first dubstep joint. They've invited JUAN BASSHEAD & MC JUMANJI to headline the event alongside SST, SYNCHRONARIA, MR. SATURN, WILL HOSTETTLER aka STIGGA with MC COLLABORATOR & KENNY DEE. Congrats to DUBLIFE; brace yourselves for that 305 bass!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

New Moombahsoul and Drumstep/DNB Mixes From Get Low's Ashworth [Tracklist update]

We were getting so many people disappointed that GET LOW wasn't happening the week they came to (((SHAKE))), we had to do something about it. So we stepped up our bass game with DJs like ASHWORTH, GOODDROID, and TWO WAY coming in to spin on The Vagabond Patio each week. You're not going to get any tear-out crazy brostep out there, but you can expect plenty of deep Dubstep, experimental Hip Hop, Future Garage, Moombahton, Moombahsoul, etc, etc. So feel free to stop by (((SHAKE))) any Thursday you need bass!

Ashworth Caught by

ASHWORTH's been part of GET LOW from the very first show, and also started the Down party with Gooddroid. Here he presents two mixes showcasing his technical skill, range, and ability to stay ahead of the bass curve.

The first mix is Moombahsoul; the new Moombahton sub-genre made using edits of classic Soul and R&B tracks. Smoooove...
Ashworth Moombahsoul Mix
amor moombahtero.......................................El Nomada
Bomba Sounds ..........................................(Stereo. 77 Moombahton Edit)
Mujeres................................................Sazon Booya
You Make Me Smile (Pickster Remix Feat. Scottie White).Aloe Blacc
Night and Day....................................(AC's Moombahsoul Mixdown)Al B Sure
Crazie.................................................Sonido Rampage Y Nader
Esta Noche.............................................Munchi
Sweet Tea..............................................Heartbreak
She Wants MoombahSoul..................................Thomas Blondet
Dance if you like......................................Heartbreak
Let's Stay Together....................................Pickster One Feat. Kris Hill
Stevie Wonder My Cherie Amor .....................Thomas Blondet's Moombahsoul Remix
Ecstasy................................................DJ Melo and Jon Kwest
Panties Theory.........................................DJ theory and J-Boogie
If You Leave...........................................Sonido Rampage y Nader
Amor De Alicia.........................................Sonora
Love You Down..........................................Sonora and Mundaca
Mas Cerca............,.................................Daims

The second is a wicked mix of Drum & Bass and it's fresh hybrid genre Drumstep (DNB + Dubstep). This one rides...
Ashworth DNB & Drumstep Mix
Beautiful (Ft. Robert Owens)......................Brookes Brothers
I Miss You (Djackonda Remix)......................Arlaner
High Tide.........................................Zyblot
Space Between (Vocal).............................Loadstar
Rollin (Sub Zero Remix)...........................Dope Ammo & Tone Def
Tonight (Cutline Remix)...........................Danny Byrd Feat. Netsky
Big Blue..........................................Brookes Brothers
Big Boss (Oscillator Z Drumstep Remix)............Doctor P

To find out where you can hear this stuff, make sure you like ASHWORTH's Facebook page and follow him on Twitter. You can catch him live this week at Tropical Park on Wednesday and GET LOW XXIX on Thursday with Tunnidge and Juan BassHead, and Sunday at Down. And next Thursday, September 29th you can catch him with Never Yawn and Somejerk for the debut of MOOMBAHTON OVER MIAMI at The Vagabond.

Monday, September 19, 2011

DOWN Welcomes THE GET This Sunday

This Sunday, Down Sundays welcomes special guest  Edwin Jantunen aka The Get. He's a member of Sumsun and creator/resident of Lushhaus and has started a futuristic RnB solo project. You may have heard his amazing set at the last Get Low, be sure not to miss him at Down.

Check out his set from Get Low below and download it here

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

CHALK.'s Set on Where Were U in 02

Two way here,

Big ups to anyone who tuned int his past Sunday for a pretty special edition of Where Were U in 02. I had producer Chalk come through the studio, in full force Entourage-style, perform a wonky-as-fuck set for the show. Weaving genres from hip-hop, trip-hop, 60s psychedelic, dubstep and jazz-- it was definitely a really special ting.

Using his Newmark midi controller, he fashioned some nutso improvisation.

Definitely worth checking out!
Stream and download it below:

Chalk's WWU02 Mix (9 11 11) by DJ Two Way

Free dubstep tune from somejerk

I'm about to hit 1,500 likes on Facebook and instead of doing the thing where I give a tune out once I reach a milestone, I'm doing the opposite. Download "Give It To Me", like my Facebook page and come see me at a show some time.

While you're liking me and stuff, make sure you're following me on Twitter and Tumblr! Blog writers, please feel free to blog this out.

somejerk - give it to me by somejerk

If you like what you hear, or hate it, listen to some of my other newer beats and mixes!

in-the-works by somejerk

2011 mixes by somejerk

Monday, September 12, 2011

Ukulele (Mixtape)

It feels like a slow Monday so I'll post this mixtape I recorded awhile back. I find it kind of hilarious when I attempt to mix dubstep and then accidentally not use any dubstep tracks. This turned out to be more like a collection of influences that have been rattling around in my musical side of the brain lately (not moombahton.) An Ableton Live post-graduate boredom outlet (why not share it with a few peeps?) A visual artist by trade, I should be drawing (or something) but playing records in my bedroom takes my mind off things recent graduates occupy their nerves with.

1. Hanna's Theme (Vocal Version) - The Chemical Brothers
2. Interleave (Kingdom Remix) - Win Win
3. French (Toro y Moi Remix) - Tyler, The Creator
4. Hitmanes Anthem - Lunice
5. The Morning - The Weeknd
6. Eyes Be Closed (Grimes Remix) - Washed Out
7. Lord Knows Best - Dirty Beaches
8. FYC x Gruzen - Earl Sweatshirt
9. Wilhelm's Fucking Best - James Drake
10. Far Nearer - Jamie xx
11. JJ - Lapti
12. Lemme - Jim-E Stack
13. I'm Da Shit (Shlohmo Remix) - Gucci Mane
14. You And Me - Penny & The Quarters
15. RapGames - Willie Evans Jr
16. Choices - Apollo Brown
17. LFO (VIP) - Kito feat. Reija Lee
18. Udonis Haslem! - O'Grime
19. Guardian - Lunice
20. Uptown Buck - Kingdom
21. You Always Hurt The Ones You Love - Ryan Gosling
22. You Already Know Me (Young Live Remix) - V Nasty & Kreayshawn
23. House Of Balloons / Glass Table Girls - The Weeknd


Saturday, September 10, 2011

All Kinds of Bass in Miami Tonight

If you're looking for some Saturday night bass in Miami, here's some good options...

Congratulations to UNITED D&B on their 1 Year Anniversary! They have a great show planned tonight with sets from South Florida's finest crews. BASSHEAD MUSIC (JUAN BASSHEAD b2b ALPHAXERO), STANK LOVE (WILL MILES b2b STEREOTYPE), DIGITAL FELON (3 EYES b2b GEORGE THEINIFINITE) and KRYTERIA play alongside residents DANNY BLED, DJ DALE, and DISIDENTE. The show goes down at EVE (1306 N Miami Ave) starting at 10pm.

SMUT+BASS is hosting a night of experimental beats and future bass with SOUNDUO, DAVE BETAMAX, SAHAR BERLIN, CHALK. Make sure you KEEP OFF THE LAWN at THE AWAREHOUSE (550 NW 29th St) tonight.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The return of Down Sundays

If you're new to dubstep and bass music in Miami then you may not be aware of the party that we call Down. If you are familiar, read anyways 'cause this shit took a while to write!

In 2010 Gooddroid got together with a couple of Miami selectors that supported the deeper shades of dubstep, with the intent of providing a place to dance and hang out that you're not going to feel so bro'd out all night. After moving to a couple of venues, Bar Black became the home and many, many Sunday nights were spent drinking cheap beer, skanking out, playing Scrabble and video games!

With guests such as Scuba, Djunya, FaltyDL, Joe Nice, Scuba, Headhunter, Distance, Brenmar, Nick Argon and the best local talent, the night was solidified as the spot to hear deep dubstep, garage and future bass. Unfortunately Bar Black had to close it's doors to the public, just as I joined as a regular resident, and we've been pretty sad ever since.

After a period of time and effort, we've located our new home, in the side room at the newly renovated Eve, just around the corner from our previous home. While we may have changed homes, our passion for deep bass music hasn't, and we are very proud and excited to see our regulars, and new faces, every other Sunday starting September 11th.

Here are mixes from our residents, to give you a taste of what we have done, and what is to come.

somejerk's Down promo mix by DownMiami

'Midnight'- Basshead TV Exclusive Mix (Dubstep/Future Bass) by gooddroid

DOWN 6-22-11 mix by ashworth

June Promo mix by GrayGhost

Once again, Down returns on Sunday, September 11th at the side room at Eve nightclub (1306 N Miami Ave.), with no cover for everyone that's 18+ with residents somejerk, Gooddroid, Ashworth and Gray Ghost spinning the dopest and deepest in dubstep, garage, future bass and everything in between. 

Peace and respect to all crews, Miami and internationally, that support the bass music movement and extra extra love to our friends at Get Low/Shake, BassHead Music, Smile For Camera, Bass-Love, Smut + Bass, and the Miami Dubstep family. 


Saturday, September 3, 2011


Monday is Labor Day, and you're going to need that day off to recover from the massive bass at EVE on Sunday. BassHead is bringing in a WMC caliber sound system featuring NEXO subs courtesy of Heavyweight & Big Mash. Drum & Bass pioneer ANDY C "The Executioner" is in town and you know he only comes around for Viram, so you can't miss this! The man voted best DNB DJ 12 years running will be spinning on 3 turntables. For the dubstep lovers, 16BIT will not disappoint. Here's a little flashback from their Miami debut...

Besides the double UK headliners, there's an all-star cast of South Florida's best bass bringers. Big up Juan BassHead for putting this lineup together. Doors are at 9pm, and you can get more event info on the Facebook invite. Here are the official timeslots:

Room 1
9-10- CHALK.
10-11- REPTILE
1-2- 16BIT
2-330 - ANDY C

Room 2
9-10 - MAGOULA
11-12 - SOMEJERK
2-3 - BATS & AMKZ
3-4 - TRIPP
4-5 - DERKA


If you think you can handle all this, enter your email address in the comments below, and we'll pick a random winner tomorrow at 5pm. Good luck!

Thursday, September 1, 2011


Sure, Miami is the hub and essentially the only place you can get original booty bass records on wax. And for a split-second, we all thought Uncle Luke was going to be elected mayor (he is partly responsible for this video). But Miami is also home to primary strands of dirty south, thug rap, of which you can finds thousands of mixtapes at the Carol City Flea Market. It's a sound that we're accustomed to and hear on a regular just listening to 99Jamz throughout the day.

Not until recently has this flavor of crunk'd-out 140 bpm rap evolved into less of a forum for MCs to spit on, and more of a producer-centered area of club banging. The fact that it has seeped into the UK bass mindframe w/ producers like Girl Unit, Salva and S-X, should be even more indication that tastemakers should be turning their heads over to the 305 for more influence.

That said, Toronto-based Lunice, who's been producing this same thug-conscious sound for the past couple of years, performed a set at London's Notthingham Carnival this past week, w/ Boiler Room (the Ustream UK electronic channel) on deck to document the whole thing.

(Below is the audio. Click on the blog post title to watch the set)

Dude has tons of energy, and his set spiraled between based rap, gangster-heavy UK bass, fringe footwork tunes and King of Diamonds-ready trap rap. I'm telling you-- this is a sound I feel us Miami Dubsteppers should really be exploring. It's not a foreign culture either-- it's rap we grew up either loving or hating (though, you were probably lying about hating it).

Lunice puts these familiar rap signifiers and connects it with the UK culture we're accustomed to, mixing Gucci Mane with Girl Unit into a synonymous category to a point where you don't even know whose song you're listening to anymore.

I've seen DJs connect the dots, like Juan B and Gooddroid. Let's all connect these dots and highlight some of the great stuff Miami has to offer by not dismissing the mainstream rap community that's built within the South, but highlighting/celebrating it.

Zeds Dead Ticket Giveaway + BassHead Music Release Announcement

This happens every time, but I'm psyched about the next BassHead release! September 14th, 2011 BassHead Music brings you the digital release of "Bassmentality," the first collaboration between ZEDS DEAD and THE KILLABITS! as a digital release. Bassmentality is also the name of the Toronto party put on by these two groups, where they've hosted Juan BassHead multiple times. Big tune, watch what happens when it's played live for the first time...

Tomorrow night ZEDS DEAD returns to Miami once again for another epic Honeymoon at The Fillmore alongside JUAN BASSHEAD & MC JUMANJI, CALIGULA + ATRASOLIS. Miami Dubstep and BassHead want to hook you up, so follow these instructions and you could get a free pair of tickets!

1. "Like" the new page on Facebook:

2. Follow BassHead Music on Twitter: @BassHead305

3. Tweet the following:
I need to win tickets to see ZEDS DEAD with @MiamiDubstep and @BassHead305 at @TheFillmoreMB on Friday, Sept. 2nd!

We'll announce the winner tomorrow afternoon, good luck!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Small Introduction

Two-Way here.

Kind and badboy head honcho of Miami Dubstep, Jsin, asked if I wanted to be an admin of the MD blog and, of course, I said yes. He said it can get really lonely posting up stuff on here, and since I run my own dubstep/bass-centered blog, I thought I could help him out!

Just a light introduction of myself. I host a weekly radio show called Where Were U in '02 on WRGP Radiate FM FIU Radio (the Sunday 8-10 slot) where I spin dubstep, grime, UK Funky, house and all facets of the bass continuum. Been doing the show for almost a year and a half, and it's my baby. It's gone through so many stages of growth, with myself fostering it to what it is now. And it can only get bigger (that's what she said).

Guests I've had on the show include: Mary Anne Hobbs, Juan Basshead, Gooddroid, Dave Betamax, Animal Krackerz, Never Yawn, Grayghost, Jumanji and more.

Dream Guests: Rick Ross, Oneman, Wiley, DJ/Rupture, Starkey, DJ Khaled, Eric Rincon, Ben UFO

This isn't actually my first time on the MD blog. Jsin, pretty much the earliest supporter of WWU02, wrote about the show when it first started.

Basically I'm going to be introducing new sounds to the Miami mindset. Not only Miami-bred things, but stuff that can have a potential impact on our scene and provoke huge growth within. I wanna also find oddities within the Miami community that relate to our booming bass scene and hopefully connect it all to what we're here for in the first place: to dance.

So that's my aim essentially.

Visit my radio show's blog and if you want to e-mail me, it's

And if you see me at the club, say what's up! I look like this:

Big ups

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Who's ready for some Miami Dubstep mixes?! We got em big and small! Take a listen...

MAGOULA is almost done with his Splice Age EP forthcoming on Smut + Bass, and here's a preview of what that's going to sound like....

GRAY GHOST put together this rad little Bonsai Micro-Mix to take you to space...

Dubporn Records boss GOODDROID made this exclusive Midnight mix for BASSHEAD TV...

THE REAZIN keeps it smooth and silky with his Seduction Sessions...

Think you can hang with these folks? Send your mix or track to, and if it's fire we'll show the world.