Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Next Thursday Get Low For Jumanji's Birthday!

Thursday, March 4th GET LOW gathers to celebrate the birth of our Resident MC JUMANJI! It's sure to be a night to remember with sounds by JUAN BASSHEAD, SOMEJERK + METHODUS going back to back (get their mix here), WRECK, ASHWORTH, GOODDROID, and THE NOME holding down MC duties!

We're also celebrating Bass Love creator Dina's Birthday this night!

If you bought a GET LOW shirt at the last event, you can wear it next week and get in FREE! If you don't have one, hit me up to get one (

Another way to get in FREE, is by sending your RSVP to

Here's the flyers and the poster version, spread 'em around!




Get Low X Photos On

The supremely talented Manny Duran came through Get Low X last week and took some beautiful pictures! Go to the "My Invented Country" album on to see the full size photos and the whole rest of the gallery. Here's some small teaser shots, to get you motivated...


Monday, February 22, 2010

Dubstep Massive!!!

WMC 2010 is shaping up to be one of the most memorable in history. The recent explosion of dubstep in Miami and around the U.S. is only adding to the conference hype. One show promising a stand out vibe is going down where it usually does go "Down" Sundays, Club Cinema on Washington. This party is happening on Saturday though, the biggest night of WMC and its featuring some of the biggest names in American dubstep from San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles, and local dubstep heroes Juan Basshead and Somejerk. Dont miss it!!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

SMOG VS BASSHEAD WMC Lineup Announced!

Dear sweet baby jesus. I've been hearing about the progression of a major WMC event for a couple months now, but it didn't really hit until I saw it on paper... and by paper I mean computer screen.

Yesterday Smog and BassHead released the first wave of artists for their Thursday, March 25th show at the White Room. With highlights like Plastician, 12th Planet, Datsik & Excision, and an exclusive Mary Anne Hobbs appearance, Smog Vs Basshead will easily be the biggest dubstep event during Conference! And to think, they haven't even announced the full lineup yet!

Now that Juan is blogging, I'm sure he'll keep you filled in on all the added details along the way. Enough talk, just look...

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

dmZ 5 year anniversary tribute post

Hello internet-using bass lovers! The 5 year anniversary of the incomparable dmZ night in London is fast approaching (the event is March 5th). I've been fortunate enough to attend a few dmZ nights over the years and they have always been a wonderful and memorable experience. The first one I went to was the 3rd birthday in March of 2008. I've been back a few times since then, most recently this past November. I was even lucky enough to be asked to dj at the May 2009 event, which was a highlight in this dj "career" of mine considering the high regard I hold the event and the crew who make it happen, not to mention it is rare for an American dj to be on the lineup. But this blog post isn't about me, it's about celebrating the 5 year anniversary of the dmZ night.

On the night of March 5th, over 1000 music lovers will line up around the block to cram into an old church-turned-club named "Mass". They will be there to witness what is sure to be "one for the books" as people say; a night filled with people coming from near and distant places, sporting smiling faces due to the rumbling basses. dmZ is typically a one room affair, but for this edition they are opening up a 2nd room, and the lineup is stellar from start to finish in both rooms as you can see on the flyer image posted above.

While browsing the mixes section on dubstepforum, I came across a mix posted by a member named "Harkaransg". He titled the mix "DMZ through the years" and it immediately peaked my intrest since I'm a fan of the label. He posted "Strictly Vinyl Mix - 5th Birthday is just round the corner. I though i’d do a mix of dmz through the years. From about 40 or records I managed to narrow it down to these ones. Unfortunately I dont have Pathways or Horror Show, would have like to start with those two. Otherwise I pretty had the whole selection to pick from. Enjoy." You can download the mix by clicking this link.

For more info on dmZ the label, the clubnight, or the production team (Mala & Coki), please visit the dmZ website or take a look at the dmZ page at Wikipedia.

Once again, I'd like to congratulate the dmZ team on 5 years strong, and here's to many more! Whoever is reading this, next time you are in London, make sure you find out if there is a dmZ event going on so you too can - as their slogan says - "Meditate on Bass Weight".

Thanks for reading.

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Thursday, February 11, 2010


Hello people! Juan BassHead here. Hope everyone is doing great!

I'd like to share with you all a recording of Carl Cox's radio show on Kiss FM from Feb. 5th, 2010. You might be thinking to yourself right now "why the hell is this dumbass posting a Carl Cox show on a blog about Miami dubstep?". I'm doing it because for the particular show in question, Mr. Cox brought in some very special guests for a "dubstep special": Mala (dmZ), Benga, Jakes, and Caspa. Each of them played 30 min sets showcasing their individual styles, and the result is a 2 hour show covering a wide variety of what dubstep can offer. Whether you like your dubstep deep, minimal and meditative or hard, wobbly and bassface-enducing, or you're like me and love it all, you'll hear it on this show and you'll hear it done well.

Not sure how long this link will stay valid so start downloading! It's well worth the hard drive space, trust me.

Hope you enjoy it!


Caspa Selection

Caspa – Fml Remix – Dubplate
Caspa – Lost In Bed – Stuy – Dubplate
Caspa – Readie Eddie – Dub Police
Caspa & Subscape – Gordie Racer – Dubplate
Subscape – Screw Up – Dubplate
Dr P – Bad Boy – Dub Police
Trolly Snatcher – Sweet Shop Remix – Dubplate
Emalkay – When I Look At You – Dub Police
The Others – Off The Wall – Dubplate
Breakage Ft Newham Generals And David Rodigan – Hard (Caspa And The Others Remix) – Digital Sound Boy
Emalkay – Solid State – Storming Productions
Matty G – 808’s – Dubplate
Loefah – Ruffage – Dmz
Chromeo – Night By Night (Skream Remix) – Green Label
Subscape – Chewy Centre – Dubplate

Benga Selection

Benga – Smack Your Bitch Up
Benga – Another Snatch
Benga – Darrrkkkk Loop
Skream – Blaster Master
Benga – No Bra No Panties
Benga – Baltimore Clap
Benga – 808 Attack
Benga – Mini Moto Cross
Skream – Arola
Skream – Rollin Kicks
Benga – Benga On His Own
Benga – Man On A Mission
Benga – Oh My Gosh
Skream – Raw Dog

Mala Selection

Mala - Mountain Dread March - Dub
Mala - Changes (Distance Remix) - Dub
Quest - Wind tunnel - Forthcoming Deep Medi
Coki - Animal - Dub
Cyrus - ?
Mala - Eyez - Forthcoming DMZ
Vivek - ?
Horsepower - Kosmic 67 - Forthcoming Deep Medi
Loefah - Just a Beat - Dub
Mala - Education - Dub

Jakes Selection

Chainsaw Cali – 16 BIT – (jakes rmx) – Boka
Pumpin – Jakes – Hench
Nice Up Dub – Jakes – Hench
Warface 2010 – Jakes – Hench
Shivers v.i.p – Eddie K – Hench
Hardest v.i.p – Eddie K – Hench
Untitled – Mensah – Hench
Lick Off Ya Head – Mensah – Hench
Pulse 80 v.i.p – Mensah – Hench
Disgusting Justin – Lost – Hench
Leaving – Komonazmuk – Hench
Feel good – Komonazmuk – Hench
Odyssey – Chasing Shadows – Hench

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Get Low X Next Week

It's almost that time again. As you can see from the previous videos, the last Get Low was a madhouse! Thursday February 18th we're celebrating our 10th show. That's X for you Roman folk. We're getting the first edition of our shirts made up for the occasion, so be the first to get your hands on this limited run!

is sounding the horns of war. Warriors from each of Miami's bass tribes will heed the call next Thursday. We have our Resident JUAN BASSHEAD of BassHead Music joined by Digital Felon's THE REAZIN, Creature Tweaker Council member EL TOPO, DIZ TRUKTIF from the Bandits clan, SAHAR BERLIN of the Smut + Bass crew, GIZMATIX and EVERYGIRL entering the GET LOW arena. VJ MUNKZ will provide the visual stimulus. JUMANJI and THE NOME are your Masters of Ceremonies.

As you can see, we've gathered some of South Florida's best up and coming talent for this all lo(w)cals showcase. It's the first chance a lot of them have playing this event, so lets give them a big welcome. Here's to number 10! It's a celebration bitches!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Miami Has Swine Flu

16bit posted a couple videos on Twitter last week, and I was nicely surprised to see more footage from their Miami show. Local DJ Banaboogie took these high quality videos from the booth at The Vagabond. She obviously has good taste, so check out her site sometime. After the jump, see how Get Low does it.



Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Original Dubstep Sounds

Oi oi whats happening miami dubsteppers and worldwide dubsteppers! Super special post today taking it back to the heart of sub-bass. I really wanted to share what this whole music genre is all about and the great thing about dubstep is that it means a whole lot of different things to different people. Everybody relates to the many styles in their own way and for me personally the root of it goes back a few years. These are my favorite mixes from 2005 - 2007 enjoy
(right click and save)

and lastly big big shout out to my boy Werd2jah, I promised him I'd link this Hatcha mix from 2002, yes i said it 2002!!
Hatcha studio mix 2002 - Courtesy of Blackdown