Wednesday, March 21, 2012


There's a million places to be this week for Miami's WMC / MMW festivities. Hopefully I'll at least get to hit this list. Ultra Music Festival has a ton of BassHead Music artists and former GET LOW headliners performing, so if you were lucky enough to get that ticket, enjoy! Follow me at for updated happenings and special guest announcements. May fun, sun & bass be with you. If you see me out say hi!

(I'm the guy at the bottom of this photo... I have a full beard now though)





Monday, March 12, 2012


ill.Gates will be holding a ill.Methodology workshop at Sweat Records (5505 NE 2nd Ave., Miami, FL 33137) on Thursday, March 15, 2012, from 6pm-10pm ET. Doors at 5pm.

THE ILL.METHODOLOGY is an artistic development workshop series ill.Gates conducts while touring throughout select cities in the U.S and Canada. It presents a comprehensive skill set of techniques acquired from his prolific 17 years of experience in electronic music production.

This extraordinary workshop is targeted to increase your productivity and efficiency in writing finished compositions in Ableton Live and providing you with all the tools you would need to fast track your production, accelerate your workflow and achieve the success that will make music sustainable for you.


Artistic Development
Organization and Time Management
Aesthetics + Composition
Library and Sampler Preperation
Workflow in Theory
Real Time Production Demo
DJing with Ableton Live
Q+A period


Digital copy of the ILL.GATES Guide to Producing (with recommended reading + viewing)
Subscription to the ILL.GATES Ableton Rack Collection 3
Access to the world famous DJ Templates (a $50 value here alone)
Misc Documents detailing workflow, 128s, etc...
Copy of ill.Gates' ill.Methodology album.

This 4 hour workshop has been getting incredibly positive reviews and feedback from producers in North America wherever it’s touched down.

Cost: $50 per person / $25 for ladies*

*(when women are encouraged to produce, and are payed the same wage as men their admission will be the same, but until that day ill.Gates will cut them a break)

Too steep? If you’re strapped or just thrifty, you can get in FREE by pre-registering two people who pay the full price.


Thursday, March 1, 2012

Dubporn Records Releases Loved Up: A Compilation

On February 25th Dubporn Records released its third free compilation after its highly praised 'The Future' release which featured songs from both signed and unsigned artists on the imprint, covering all spectrums of Bass music and beyond. Loved Up, featuring tracks from Inanna, Arae, Porphyro and more, is a compilation of warm and experimental music.

Dubporn Records also recently released Illegitimate Children's 'Frosty Tits' EP on February 13th, available at Beatport, Boomkat, Juno and more.

On March 19th Shemo Neat's long awaited 'Ouie' EP will be released worldwide.

Lots more to come. Stay tuned.