Sunday, November 28, 2010


Violence is a track that was inspired by Lee Hazlewood's amazing voice. This is the first track I've made since Trifekta Studio closed (reopening this month!). It was produced on a laptop instead of our typical studio environment so I had to learn a new DAW and work with less VSTs then I'm use to.I'm currently debating if I should drop verses on it. I'm proud of this track and hope you guys enjoy it and download your FREE copy.

The Dark Queen was inspired by dating a serious DnB head.This was a fun track to produce since I've never produced a DnB track before. Again this is a FREE download.

The 911 Mix was a great experience since I was working with WOBLZ from Canada through emails and AIM. To me WOBLZ is one of my favorite Djs currently dropping bass mixes. Peep his long blends their SICK!.FREE Down load.

Friday, November 26, 2010

ZEDS DEAD Makes GET LOW Their First Miami Show Dec 16th at The Vagabond

We're reaching another milestone Thursday, December 16th with our 20th GET LOW event! That's XX in Roman Numerals for an added awesome factor! In honor of this we're once again breaking new ground by bringing ZEDS DEAD to Miami for the very first time at GET LOW XX. These Canadians have been making waves all over the world rearranging the whole face of dubstep, so it's an honor to have them in town. You're going to hear about it if you sleep and miss this one.

BassHead Music Boss JUAN BASSHEAD will be in the building of course. PEASANTS WITH FEATHERS is making his first GET LOW appearance to show off what he's been working on for Otto von Shirach's new Triangle Earth label. SOMEJERK will open up the night, and we have a special closing set by on-fire CALIGULA duo. MCs JUMANJI + THE NOME run the double mics like they do, ROMULO DEL CASTILLO is back for another interstellar Patio set, and A-TRAIN + DZA show you how to (((SHAKE))) in the Bar Room.

Presale tickets will be up soon, so stay tuned. Make sure you're on the Miami Dubstep FB group, and the GET LOW page and Twitter.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

N-TYPE Back at The Vagabond Next Thursday

Thursday, December 2nd The Vagabond gets a return visit from one of the World's best dubstep DJs, N-TYPE! The man absolutely smashed up the place for GET LOW III, so expect nothing less next week. He'll play alongside two Miami favorites JUAN BASSHEAD and DJ IRIE for (((SHAKE)))'s Art of Basketball Afterparty. It's Art Basel, so this is a great chance to show an International audience how the City of Bass does! Keep up with the MIAMI DUBSTEP Facebook group for the invite.

Thursday, Dec 2nd 2010
The Vagabond - 30 NE 14th St, Downtown Miami

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Photos from Get Low XIX With Daedelus + The Gaslamp Killer

I'm sure some of us have trouble remembering the details of last month's manic GET LOW event. I was left with a hazy afterglow of awesome. I rounded up galleries from some of the photogs we had at the show. Click the sample photos to go to the corresponding galleries...

Rok The Spot

Photoheads Studio

Do Something Photography

If you missed this, shame on you! You can make it up to us at the next one December 16th with ZEDS DEAD!

Monday, November 22, 2010

NERO Fiddles While Miami Burns With Bass

Ok, so maybe the original Emperor Nero played a Lyre (fiddles weren't invented yet) while Rome burned, and there's two guys in the UK version of NERO using the turntables of Eve in Miami, but you get the idea. The city will be on fire with bass! Eve is the new incarnation of White Room still located Downtown at 1306 N Miami Ave, but loaded with better sound and effects. Our boys at Smut + Bass did an interview with NERO, which you can read here. If you haven't heard their epic BBC Essential Mix, get it...

Nero - BBC Radio1 Essential Mix 11/13/2010 by Ear Cande

The rest of the lineup is sick as well, check the flyer below, and be sure to get on the Facebook invite. See you at the show!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Free Tracks From Adames

ADAMES takes his talents to the GET LOW stage for the first time this Thursday, November 11th. He's been working on production for a while now, and the three tracks below are from his "Hallow Is The Night" album of work from 2003-2008. If you love these tracks as much as I do, download them for yourself. Enjoy.

gay thugs by adames

an omen by adames

overmode (DEMO) by adames

Here's a preview of a new project he's working on with more of a hip hop vibe.

Cocoplum - Danger Begong (Demo) by adames

Friday, November 5, 2010

Coming To The City Of Bass

There's no denying the high level of talent that's been passing through Miami these days. Miami Dubstep wants to keep you posted on the best sounds coming to town. Here's some big shows coming up outside (and within) the range of just dubstep. Click some links for more info.





Wednesday, Nov 24th @ EVE: NERO


Thursday, Dec 2nd @ THE VAGABOND: N-TYPE

So the question is... can you handle all that boom?

P.S. If you look to the right of this page you'll see a new box with UPCOMING BASS DATES as well.

Thursday, November 4, 2010


One week from today, we GET LOW! This one's a celebration bitches! GET LOW is wishing a very Happy Birthday to our big momma (((SHAKE))) turning 2, our daddy JSIN (yeah me) turning too old, and our Resident MC NOME!

To get down in proper epic fashion we've invited two of the finest from LA's Beat scene; DAEDELUS and THE GASLAMP KILLER! They arrive at The Vagabond Thursday, November 11th on their nation-wide Magical Properties Tour.

Here's what GLK did to Barcelona for Mary Anne Hobbs' stage at Sonar...

And this is DAEDELUS doing his thing for Dublab...

The bass heavyweights join GET LOW heroes JUAN BASSHEAD and ASHWORTH, and up-and-coming Miami producer by the name of ADAMES.

socaCPU by adames

Schematic Records' ROMULO DEL CASTILLO is back to take over the Patio for sounds you may have never heard. Our killer MC's JUMANJI + THE NOME break it down once again with two mics for the best flow in town. BASS LOVE will be on hand slangin' the freshest gear for the BassHeads.

Please buy your tickets in advance now! This is our Birthday gift to you. They're only $10, but it's gonna cost you more at the door if you slack. Do your job.

Once again our designer DS came through with the sick art you can find below (flyer version on the FB invite), spread it around!

somejerk - Changing of the Seasons mix

Changing of the Seasons mix by somejerk


Emotional, chilled out electronic music. Genres are dead, enjoy diversity.

Cover photo by Derek Corneau -
More of my mixes/music at

James Blake - Limit To Your Love
Lapti - Wushu
Gonjasufi - Ancestors
Andreya Triana - Lost Where I Belong (Fyling Lotus remix)
Mircale Libido - Synesthesia
The Foals - Spanish Sahara (Mount Kimbie remix)
The XX - Islands (Nosazj Thing remix)
DZA - J-Dat Inc. (Listening MD In Dub)
Daisuke Tanabe - Four
Medictune - A Bold World (Scott Detail remix)
Flying Lotus - Quakes
Bluntspeakers - So Subzero
FaltyDL - Meta Cognist
Shigeto - Relentless Drag
Low Limit - Out The Club
Mike Slott - 40 winx
Oscar McClure - Kitchen Scraps (Baths' Otalgia Mix)
Jon Hopkins - Vessel (Four Tet Remix)
Naim - Inner Dough (Boody B Remix)
Arms & Suites - My Masterpiece
Bluntspeakers - Alaska
Nosaj Thing - IOIO
CRUMBS - Smiling In Surgery
Machine Drum - Flud

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Dave Betamax

Dave Betamax has left Miami (and Earth for that matter) to his home of Candor Chasma Rim on Mars to work on his new full length album, "Dissolved". The other day he gave us a teaser of what's to come with the first single off of the upcoming record. "Feelings" is a Future Garage track full of otherworldly pads, highly eclectic drum patterns and a killer sub bassline. Here is a preview:

Feelings by Dave Betamax

Dave also put out a remix of "Land of Lost Lovers" a forthcoming track from Miami's own Afrobeta. Cuci Amador's vocals are chopped up to create this sort of alien language on the bridges of the track and well, the rest of the track has this deep dark Dubstep sound. We think this is quite a match AFROBETAMAX

Land of Lost Lovers (Dave Betamax Remix) by Dave Betamax 

Also, as a gift from the robot himself are two unreleased remixes, free for download:
Bump & Grind - Dave Betamax
Massive Attack - Dissolved Girl (Dave Betamax Remix)

Two new mixes...and Down with Da Milkman at Bar Black!

Make sure you check these two new mixes from Da Milkman and Gooddroid:


Safe Word

This week we've got special guest DJ, Da Milkman (Proper Dosage) from West Palm. After killing it at Get Low we had to snatch him up for an all deep dubstep set!

Along with DJ's:

Ashworth (Get Low/Down)
Gooddroid (Get Low/Down)
Gray Ghost (Down)
Munkz (Glitch.FM/Down)
Claro (Glitch.FM)

*No cover, $5 Red Stripes and a shot of whiskey all night

*Street Fighter Tournament and Playstation Move Sports championship

*Magic the Gathering

*The deepest in Dubstep, Bass, Glitch, and Trip Hop.

See you there!

November headliner will be announced shortly!