Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Dave Betamax

Dave Betamax has left Miami (and Earth for that matter) to his home of Candor Chasma Rim on Mars to work on his new full length album, "Dissolved". The other day he gave us a teaser of what's to come with the first single off of the upcoming record. "Feelings" is a Future Garage track full of otherworldly pads, highly eclectic drum patterns and a killer sub bassline. Here is a preview:

Feelings by Dave Betamax

Dave also put out a remix of "Land of Lost Lovers" a forthcoming track from Miami's own Afrobeta. Cuci Amador's vocals are chopped up to create this sort of alien language on the bridges of the track and well, the rest of the track has this deep dark Dubstep sound. We think this is quite a match AFROBETAMAX

Land of Lost Lovers (Dave Betamax Remix) by Dave Betamax 

Also, as a gift from the robot himself are two unreleased remixes, free for download:
Bump & Grind - Dave Betamax
Massive Attack - Dissolved Girl (Dave Betamax Remix)

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