Thursday, February 11, 2010


Hello people! Juan BassHead here. Hope everyone is doing great!

I'd like to share with you all a recording of Carl Cox's radio show on Kiss FM from Feb. 5th, 2010. You might be thinking to yourself right now "why the hell is this dumbass posting a Carl Cox show on a blog about Miami dubstep?". I'm doing it because for the particular show in question, Mr. Cox brought in some very special guests for a "dubstep special": Mala (dmZ), Benga, Jakes, and Caspa. Each of them played 30 min sets showcasing their individual styles, and the result is a 2 hour show covering a wide variety of what dubstep can offer. Whether you like your dubstep deep, minimal and meditative or hard, wobbly and bassface-enducing, or you're like me and love it all, you'll hear it on this show and you'll hear it done well.

Not sure how long this link will stay valid so start downloading! It's well worth the hard drive space, trust me.

Hope you enjoy it!


Caspa Selection

Caspa – Fml Remix – Dubplate
Caspa – Lost In Bed – Stuy – Dubplate
Caspa – Readie Eddie – Dub Police
Caspa & Subscape – Gordie Racer – Dubplate
Subscape – Screw Up – Dubplate
Dr P – Bad Boy – Dub Police
Trolly Snatcher – Sweet Shop Remix – Dubplate
Emalkay – When I Look At You – Dub Police
The Others – Off The Wall – Dubplate
Breakage Ft Newham Generals And David Rodigan – Hard (Caspa And The Others Remix) – Digital Sound Boy
Emalkay – Solid State – Storming Productions
Matty G – 808’s – Dubplate
Loefah – Ruffage – Dmz
Chromeo – Night By Night (Skream Remix) – Green Label
Subscape – Chewy Centre – Dubplate

Benga Selection

Benga – Smack Your Bitch Up
Benga – Another Snatch
Benga – Darrrkkkk Loop
Skream – Blaster Master
Benga – No Bra No Panties
Benga – Baltimore Clap
Benga – 808 Attack
Benga – Mini Moto Cross
Skream – Arola
Skream – Rollin Kicks
Benga – Benga On His Own
Benga – Man On A Mission
Benga – Oh My Gosh
Skream – Raw Dog

Mala Selection

Mala - Mountain Dread March - Dub
Mala - Changes (Distance Remix) - Dub
Quest - Wind tunnel - Forthcoming Deep Medi
Coki - Animal - Dub
Cyrus - ?
Mala - Eyez - Forthcoming DMZ
Vivek - ?
Horsepower - Kosmic 67 - Forthcoming Deep Medi
Loefah - Just a Beat - Dub
Mala - Education - Dub

Jakes Selection

Chainsaw Cali – 16 BIT – (jakes rmx) – Boka
Pumpin – Jakes – Hench
Nice Up Dub – Jakes – Hench
Warface 2010 – Jakes – Hench
Shivers v.i.p – Eddie K – Hench
Hardest v.i.p – Eddie K – Hench
Untitled – Mensah – Hench
Lick Off Ya Head – Mensah – Hench
Pulse 80 v.i.p – Mensah – Hench
Disgusting Justin – Lost – Hench
Leaving – Komonazmuk – Hench
Feel good – Komonazmuk – Hench
Odyssey – Chasing Shadows – Hench


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