Tuesday, November 29, 2011

DP005 Released on Dubporn Records

Ukranian based DJ Reixtra's Prymara EP was released on Dubporn Records on November 28th. After many years performing everything from Drum and Bass to IDM to experimental and anything in between, Reixtra settled on a found that gravitates towards Dubstep and Future Garage, with heavy influences from Reggae and Calypso.

The EP, titled Prymara, features seven tracks that showcase the artist’s versatility while embracing the label’s deep bass roots. With tracks like the haunting yet romantic “Pregnancy” and the equally airy yet dark and bass fueled “Neverliving”, the EP explores the “pacifying, often sad atmospheric sounds” that he is known for. The ep’s title track, “Prymara, is a perfect dreamy example of the “set of extraordinary rhythms” that he is well versed at creating.

Reixtra: Pregnancy by Dubporn Records

You can purchase the Prymara EP at many fine online retailers such as Beatport, Boomkat, Juno, Itunes and more.

Dubporn Records also recently released a new free compilation EP titled 'The Future' featuring tracks from signed and unsigned artists.

Look out for Adames's 'Be Bop Peru' EP released on December 12th as well as Imaginary Friend's 'Dark Matter' LP on the 26th.

For more info go to DubpornRecords.com.

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