Friday, November 18, 2011

DP004 Released: Inanna's Cariad EP on Dubporn Records

Inanna's long awaited Cariad EP has finally been released on Dubporn Records. Featuring remixes from PTR1 and Shoju, Cariad has received amazing reviews. This is definitely a release you need to get your hands on.

'Cariad immediately takes us back to a time where life was easy, nothing to worry about, innocence. The music-box melody and chimes combine with simple percussion in an Aphex Twin type piece that gets the replay everytime. It’s left up to her own remix to take it up a notch into the more broken beat territories that some may find even more blissful, keeping all the original elements and adding a little tempo with some warm bass to boot. Unbelieveably good music, so nice.

The experimental mix hears children laughing and a 4/4 kick that gives more movement whilst not overpowering the overall sense of wonderment and beauty held by the main music-box melody that gets even more embellished here. Then lastly Shoju gives ‘Cariad’ an overhaul and turns it into a more dancefloor slice of heads down, deep house music that will go down a storm come 3am at Fabric.'

You can purchase the EP on Beatport, Boomkat, Juno and at other fine online retailers.

Look out for the 'Future of Dubporn' compilation that's being released on November 24th, followed by Reixtra's 'Prymara' EP on the 28th. Lots more to come in December.

For more info check out the Dubporn Records site, or find us on Facebook or Soundcloud.

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