Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Got Questions?

As all of you should know, SKREAM, BENGA + MALA are all in town the next two days for what has become known as the Summer Dubstep Conference. Adam Pascale will be covering both events for Advanced Perceptions, and he's going to try and get some questions with the artists. So our question for you is... what would you ask them? Leave your suggestions in the comments...


  1. to benga: is it your hair that makes you so ill or were you just born that way?

  2. If you had to create the ultimate dubstep soccer team who would be on it?

    How do you truly feel about American Bacon?

    Is there anything specific you look forward to while in the States that you don't get in the UK?

    What would be your dream collaboration that you haven't worked with yet?