Sunday, October 4, 2009

Juan Basshead Radio

Back on September 10th I had the honor of joining Juan Basshead in the WVUM studio for his live mix on Electric Kingdom. For those unfamiliar, WVUM 90.5 FM is the University of Miami's radio station. Electric Kingdom happens every Thursday from 7-9, hosted by the lovely and talented Amber. Each week she features a different live electronic DJ. Be sure to catch it in your ride or streaming online at

We had a blast in the studio and Amber was even super nice about having to cut to dead air when Juan accidently played Borgore's "Ice Cream" (you can still hear us laughing where it picks back up at 29 minutes hahaa.) Here's what you missed...

Not radio friendly.

Take some time and hear the master at work dropping classics, basshead music, exclusive dubs, and of course getting a booty call at 46:40. Click the photo (yeah that's Mala, Skream + Benga behind him) below to download the full 2 hours of bass madness!

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  1. That's that nigga Juan the Basshead.....hell ya......