Saturday, April 3, 2010

Sunday Sunday Sunday!

First off I'd like to thank Jsin for asking me to contribute to the Miami Dubstep blog. I will be doing reviews and helping to keep you informed about our world of Dubstep but, now I'm here to tell you about DOWN!

Every Sunday @ Cinema on South Beach, Gooddroid and myself bring you the best of South Florida's Dubstep. Each week we showcase your favorite local DJ's from crews like Proper Dosage, Digital Felon and Smut+Bass. In addition we are finding you new local talent like Grayghost, Reptile and Deadhead. PLUS! We have MC's Jumanji, The Nome and master of visuals VJ Munkz!

Each week is a little different and you can expect to hear all styles of dubstep, from crowd pleasers to bangers to dubs and even the housey-loungey stuff.

Here's whats in-store this week @ DOWN!:

The Reazin (Proper Dosage, Digital Felon)
Reptile (Broward)
Deadhead (Mausoleum)

Along with your residents Ashworth + Gooddroid

MC's Jumanji and Nome tearing up the mic

VJ Munkz on the visuals

Never a cover, 2 4 1's, $3 PBR's all night!

See you there!