Thursday, June 17, 2010

Get Low Turns 1 Year Old Tonight!

That's how it started just over a year ago. I had no idea what it would turn in to. I just wanted some dubstep downtown. Get Low come a long way, and done some great things since then (and it's not just me saying that.) Some people said we'd never last. Well, here we are.

I want to thank my (((SHAKE))) crew for going along with my crazy ideas, and The Vagabond for letting us bring bass to their venue. Huge thanks to Juan BassHead for all his help. I told him from the beginning, that I wouldn't do this party without him. Thanks to everyone who's performed. Just look at this list (in order of appearance) of amazingly talented people, and recognize how strong the scene is:

DJ Lord, Juan BassHead, Otto von Schirach, Ashworth, MCs Jumanji + The Nome, Somejerk, Damaged Goods, El Topo, N-Type, Dub, Gooddroid, Joe Nice, Secondhand Smoke, Trip1, Mala, Borgore, TS Heritage, Doormouse, Mookid, Joker + Nomad, Ultrablack, Mr. Alvarez, 16bit, Dave Betamax, The Reazin, Diz Truktif, Sahar Berlin, Gizmatix, EveryGirl, VJ Munkz, Methodus, Wreck, Machinedrum, Afromonk, Bunnyfuzz,Romulo Del Castillo, and many more to come!

Thanks to BassHead Music, Digital Felon, Bass Love, Smut + Bass, Down, Proper Dosage, Bandits, Sweat Records, everyone who's helped spread the word on our events through whatever means they could, every press outlet that's written about us, and every single person who's ever come to Get Low. If I missed someone, punch me later. We love you, and we promise to keep it going. If you ever have ideas, questions, or suggestions, send them my way


P.S. Look below if you wanna know what's up for tonight!

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