Thursday, December 23, 2010

Virus Syndicate Infects Miami

If you've been paying attention to our Twitter and Facebook page, you already know our next guest for GET LOW. Thursday, January 13th DJ/producer MRK1 brings his VIRUS SYNDICATE MCs GOLDFINGER, JSD and NIKA to The Vagabond for GET LOW XXI. You won't want to miss a rare live show from this crew coming straight out of Manchester, UK with their infectious dubstep/grime/hip hop sound that's been released by the likes of Planet Mu.

GET LOW Residents JUAN BASSHEAD and ASHWORTH will be holding it down with WRECK dropping his heavy swamp bass, and Digital Felon J DEAN coming through with a late night DnB set! Double Mic Masters of Ceremonies JUMANJI and THE NOME let you know where you are and why you should be excited about it. And of course The Vagabond boasts the best sound system around, so you know it'll be live.

Electronic music mastermind ROMULO DEL CASTILLO of Schematic Records on the Patio, and A-TRAIN + DZA dropping hip hop in the Bar for 3 rooms of insanity. You guys remember how packed the last one was, so get your tickets now! Do your job and go here:

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