Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Juan BassHead GET LOW WMC 2011 Live Mix!

Our friend somejerk is fast like a ninja on his blog game, as well as his DJ game! He posted up this mix on his PATTERN AWARENESS site with an awesome image he edited, before I even got the chance! Read some awesome words from one of South Florida's finest, and take a listen to a seriously intense live mix from JUAN BASSHEAD at GET LOW WMC with Hatcha last month. This has got to be the most epic intro to any mix ever. I was instantly teleported back to the insanity of that night... oh man. Enjoy.

Juan BassHead Live At Get Low WMC 2011 by Juan BassHead

"Juan Basshead has been the most influential figure in the Miami Dubstep movement, throwing some of the first events at the now defunct South Beach spot, the Laundry Bar (later known as the Black Sheep Bar). Besides being the first promoter in Florida to book headlining artists such as Vex’d, Joe Nice, Skream, Mala and Hatcha, his contribution to the world of bass music extends to the Basshead Music imprint. With releases from 12th Planet ft Emu, Otto Von Schirach, Noah D, Bassnectar and Datsik, and the recent addition of South Florida’s AlphaXero and Animal Krackerz, the Basshead sound is just beginning to resonate.

MC Jumanji is from the same neighborhood that I grew up, a small little city named Hollywood, about 20 minutes north of Miami. Coming from the rave scene, Calvin Cyrus, the young 20 something’s birth name, was scooped up by Juan Basshead and became his official MC, as well as becoming a resident MC at Miami’s infamous, award winning bass music event, Get Low. As he begins to tour internationally, Jumanji’s skills are being sharpened and solidifying his voice as one of the most prominent in the Miami Bass Renaissance (yea, I said Renaissance).

Edit: Also holding it down on the mic that night was Nome, aka Leins Rios. Leins has been a part of the Miami Dubstep scene from the get; he became a regular party goer at the Laundry Bar/Bar Black and was one of the earliest supporters of the scene. At some point the microphone made it’s way to the seasoned Miami hiphop talent at dubstep events, so he was naturally selected to also host Get Low.

This set was recorded live at Get Low at the Vagabond in Downtown Miami, during this year’s Winter Music Conference. You can catch Juan Basshead and Jumanji at a number of events this during the Miami Music Week, or Ultra Week as us lazy people call it."

Wed- VIRAM @ Treehouse
Sat- STANK LOVE @ Jazid

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