Friday, September 24, 2010


On the 26th we welcome Headhunter/Addison Groove to Down!
Headhunter is the king of all things deep. Here's some info on the man himself:

"Headhunter aka Antony Williams started DJ'ing in 2005 after gaining a degree at Bath Spa University. With an interest in the UK Dubstep scene that was emerging on the pirate radio stations of London and Bristol, he eventually gained the skills to earn himself a spot on a small pirate station c
alled BS1 Radio, with a collective known as HENCH.

After a few months of hard graft on BS1, Headhunter found himself Djing in clubs up and down the uk every weekend.
It was then that he became more involved in the music industry, by producing music and signing to EMI sister label, Tempa recordings leading to releases on vinyl and cd and gaining more popularity within the international Dubstep scene.

During 2006 Headhunter had releases on labels such as Tempa and Ascension. He was quickly becoming a big name in the scene due to his niche take on the genre leading him to become resident at foundational Dubstep night, ‘FWD’ in London. From this quick success he became one of the most in demand DJ’s within the scene.

In 2007 more international gigs were becoming frequent with the rise of Dubstep to the mainstream and headhunter released a 5 track EP on Tempa along with various remixes and tracks on compilations. He was also featured on a 2 hour BBC Radio one show that focused on the Tempa label by doing a interview for the station on Mary Anne Hobb’s

2008 saw headhunter release his debut album on Tempa that became critically acclaimed and became described as ‘ a stunningly cohesive slab of post-garage hybridisation’ , he also had the opportunity to have a half hour slot for Mary Anne Hobbs on BBC radio one to display his sound to the biggest audience he has ever played to. It was also at this time that Headhunter’s DJing was at an European status week in and week out playing countries such as Greece, Slovakia, France, Germany and Holland.

In 2009 Headhunter made his first international tour of New Zealand And Australia along with starting his own record label and releasing his, and other peoples music. More releases came on Tempa, with a very popular remix of his own ‘Prototype’ from Radiohead’s support act ‘Modeselektor’. He also had a track accepted for the forthcoming game ‘Crackdown 2’ on the Microsoft xbox."

Alongside DJ's:

Dave Betamax (Smut + Bass)
Ashworth (Down/Get Low)
Gray Ghost (Down)
Munkz (Glitch.FM/Down)
Claro (Glitch.FM/Down)
Gooddroid (Down/Get Low)

No cover, $1 Red Stripes till 11, Headhunter will go on early for the Monday morning crowd, no excuses.

28 NE 14th St, Downtown Miami.

See you there!

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