Friday, September 17, 2010

Where Were You In 02?

If that sounds familiar, it is definitely a Zomby reference. Unlike his album which showcases early 90s hardcore/rave, Where Were You In 02? is a radio show on Radiate FM (FIU College Radio) that focuses on dubstep. 02, get it? It was started by a DJ who calls himself "The Ace Of Bass" back in May, and has been going steady ever since. We caught up with him, and he explained why he started the show:

"I started the show, mainly, because there was a huge influx of dubstep/bass music essentially running through all of the Miami electronic scene, currently. And there seemed to be a huge absence of dubstep on the radio, and virtually no dubstep show we can associate Miami with. People would have to listen to BBC Radio 1 or Rinse FM for their fix of bass. So I figured since I've grown a lot of interest in the genre, along with grime and a fascination with jungle as well, I'd do a radio show."

Click below to catch a recent episode!

9/7/10 by where were you in 02

Starting this week, the show will be moving from Tuesdays to Sundays and will be expanding from 1 to 3 hours! With the extra hours he'll be, "chronicling more of the evolution of Uk electronic starting with jungle/drumNbass/rave and moving on to dubstep, grime, post-garage and uk funky."

You can catch Where Were You In 02? from 7-10pm every Sunday on 95.3 in Miami/88.1 in Homestead/96.9 in N. Miami, and you can stream online at by clicking on the stream link! After the show you can get the tracklisting here.

This Sunday, The Ace Of Bass will be giving away 2 tickets to the Sept. 25th Get Some at The Electric Pickle with former Ultrablack member SLUGGO (Tuff Love Dubs/AZ), rising Cali star BARE (Ultragore/LA), JUAN BASSHEAD (BassHead Music) + KILL BUNNYFUZZ (Smut + Bass) for a dubstep smashup. Make sure you tune in!

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  1. Love this show, love Radiate FM, and i love this blog!