Monday, May 2, 2011

New Animal Krackerz and Bats Tunes Dropped at Datsik Show

This Saturday 1000 of the dubstep youth came out to witness DATSIK tear up the Fillmore. Opening for him was JUAN BASSHEAD championing Miami once again by playing some big new tunes from two of the 305's promising young talents, ANIMAL KRACKERZ and BATS.

Photo by Daniel De Las Casas of Miami Mayhem

It's known that I'm a huge Odd Future fan, so when AMKZ showed me his new track "REBEL", my head nearly exploded. Hearing Tyler, The Creator's voice on that huge system was intense! This track is part of ANIMAL KRACKERZ' forthcoming EP titled "WELCOME TO THE MEAT MARKET", so get ready for more of this dark swamp bass!

Mike Mendez Photography Remixed by Nada Goodlook

Animal Krackerz- Rebel (Original Mix) by Animal Krackerz

A couple tracks before that "FLY BY KNIGHT" was dropped, the crowd went batshit! Just look at the video, and take a listen the rest of the tunes on BATS soundcloud.

Bats - Fly By Knight by BATS (Formerly Batstep)

I'm super proud to see all the Miami Dubstep producers coming up! With great new albums by Dave Betamax, Caligula, Mr. Feathers, and Gray Ghost recently released, there's nothing but bright things in our future!

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