Sunday, April 3, 2011

Introducing Dubporn Records

Dubporn records is a label dedicated specifically to Deep Dubstep, Experimental, and Future Bass music.

Conceived several years ago as an idea for an adult website Dubporn flourished into an idea for a record label that featured only the best in the genres, focusing on Bass music that wasn't overly aggressive and could be appreciated at home and on the dance floor. Dubporn is highly influenced by other labels such as Deep Medi, Punch Drunk, and Hotflush, promising to deliver releases of the same caliber.

The first signed artists on the label are Gray Ghost, Gooddroid/Chismosa and soon Inanna.

Brandon DiGiovanni or Gray Ghost has been involved with music from a young age, playing in different bands has been involved with music from a young age, playing in different bands. "There wasn't a lot of music theory involved at the time, but as time went on, my taste in music, specifically electronic music, became significantly more complexed and organic." Dubstep made its first appearance in his life around 2006, and he fell in love with the syncopated rhythms and skank's of artists like Silkie and Quest. Only DJ'ing for a little over a year now Gray Ghost has played at many parties in Miami, namely Get Low and Down where he retains a residency. His love for controlling the dance floor pushed him to start producing his 3 song EP, yet to be named. "The largest driving force behind the music i've been creating is
this planet, the earth, and the natural phenomenon that are always taking place on it. I've been privileged to grow up in a city where electronic music is so prevalent and diverse. Right now Im taking all the opportunities I can and hoping for the best."

Check out one of Gray Ghost's tracks from his soon to be released EP titled "Phosphorescence":

Adrianna Moschides also know as Gooddroid (and sometimes Chismosa) is the founder and head of Dubporn Records. DJ'ing for 8 years and playing Dubstep for 6 Gooddroid is one of the few pioneers of the Miami Dubstep scene and has grown infinitely with the music. "Seeing what Dubstep has evolved into and where its going made me want to start this label. I want people to see that not all Bass music is about aggressive. There's a lot of beauty in the deep stuff, and a lot of producers who make it. I want them to be heard." Gooddroid's love of Dubstep and Bass has evolved into a deep love for Chicago Juke music. "There's some crazy energy in it that I can't exactly describe, you just have to hear it. It'll get in you.” She's started producing Juke music under the moniker of Chismosa and plans to release a 3 song EP on Dubporn titled "Back

As Dubporn grows more artists will be signed and all releases will be digital, CD and vinyl and will be available for purchase in a plethora of internet retail stores and in select music stores.

Click here to check out the site: Dubporn Records


  1. What happened to the adult website?

  2. It went to the Lazerbunny idea graveyard along with DJ Groupies and a few others