Saturday, April 2, 2011

Surefire Tour Stops In Miami

I spent a lot time pondering the mystery of who this Carla girl might of been. Ramadanman’s 2008 classic may have been a dedication to all Carla’s everywhere but I wanted to believe there was some special girl out there who well enough deserved one the most hypnotic outstanding songs of the year to be named after her.

Now that the years have gone by and the styles have changed, I flew out to San Francisco for the holidays and finally caught Ramadanman play in the city’s Mission Dolores district. Going by the new alias Pearson Sound and anyone lucky enough to be there for Icee Hot’s New Years bash was treated to what was primarily marvelous grime infused wizardry. Some in the large crowd may have even been a bit confused by it but I just ate it all up. I knew one day studying Ms. Dynamite and P Money lyrics would pay off.

Three months and 23 days later, thanks to Surefire and Gooddroid and also The Overthrow and Pattern Awareness and not to mention Smut + Bass, Miami gets the opportunity to experience the same. Well it’ll probably be totally different but just as dope. Maybe better on account of Zed Bias, DJG, and Salva who are all gangsters on the buttons in there own right. I might even finally figure out who this Carla chick is.

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