Saturday, April 30, 2011

New TRUTH Mix Gets You Ready to Get Low May 12th

Big up Big Up for putting out a massive new TRUTH mix yesterday! As you may have heard, the New Zealand dubstep giants TRUTH make their Miami debut Thursday, May 12th at The Vagabond for GET LOW 25! Get your head ready with this mix featuring 90% of their own material.


Truth – Snake (GetDarker Dub)
Truth – All Alone (Dub)
Truth – Burglar (Crushington Remix) (Aquatic Lab)
Truth – The Emperor (Wheel & Deal Dub)
Truth – No Difference (Dub)
Truth – Tricks and Lies (Dub)
Bulletproof – Soundtrack to Forever (Crushington remix) (Dub)
Von D – E Von (Boka Dub)
Truth – The Fatman VIP (Deep Medi)
Truth – Love’s Shadow (Dub)
Commodo vs Lurka – Gassin (Box Clever Dub)
Kryptic Minds – Can’t Sleep ft Alys B (Black Box)
Truth & Dutty Ranks – Lucid (Dub)
Truth – Khan (Dub)
Von D & Riskotheque ft Alys B – Save Me (Dub)
Walsh & Kutz – Untitled (Biscuit Factory Dub)
Truth & Kromestar – Reality Twist (Dub)
Crushington – Voodoo Skank (Dub)
Babylon System vs Truth – Murderous (Dub)
Truth – Scared (Dub)
DJ Madd ft Phaeleh – Ritual (Black Box Dub)
Kryptic Minds – The Fifth (Black Box)
Dutty Ranks – Don’t Go (Abyss Dub)
Ben Verse – No Solution (Dub)
Ed Rush – Snake Pit (Dub)
The Nextmen ft Ms Dynamite – Lions Den (Truth Remix) (Dub)
Truth – Insanity (Boka Dub)
Truth – Dreams Can Never Come True (Deep Medi)
Lurka – Return (Box Clever Dub)
Truth & Dutty Ranks – Chicago (Dub)
Von D – ASAP (Boka Dub)
Truth & Dutty Ranks – Got Your Name (Dub)
Emalkay – True Romance (Dub)
Kryptic Minds – 1000 Lost Cities (Black Box)

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