Monday, August 29, 2011

DP002 Released and a New Mix From Gooddroid

Inanna's Touch Me EP (DP002) has finally been released worldwide and is available online and at many fine retailers.

On Side A is ‘Touch Me’ from LA-based producer Inanna. Her sound rests on lightness of touch and fluid rhythmic progression, where atmospheric enchantment and expansive moods are equal to her rigidly precise beatscapes and judiciously deployed subs. Inanna’s previous work has been described as art to be displayed in an audiophile gallery, and she is rapidly forging a reputation as one of North America’s premier (modern) garage selectors. The six-minute original version of ‘Touch Me’ takes a haunting twighlight path through garage zones, where light flickers through the trees and sounds dart among the undergrowth like half-glimpsed wildlife, curiously observing the listener from a safe distance. Ptr1’s remix re-invents the track as a more club-friendly excursion, ramping up the rhythmic dominance for a swung session of refined 2-step, with a snappy sharpness complimenting the echoing melancholy backgrounds. In contrast, Canada’s NVS offers an esoteric angle on the low end with ‘Cry Wolf’ on Side B, a slow-tempo looping-vs-fractured groove coming from the same spaces as Mount Kimbie’s more brittle, abstract work.

DP003 from Porphyro will be released soon.

Also make check out Gooddroid's latest mix for BassHead TV titled 'Midnight'.

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