Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Small Introduction

Two-Way here.

Kind and badboy head honcho of Miami Dubstep, Jsin, asked if I wanted to be an admin of the MD blog and, of course, I said yes. He said it can get really lonely posting up stuff on here, and since I run my own dubstep/bass-centered blog, I thought I could help him out!

Just a light introduction of myself. I host a weekly radio show called Where Were U in '02 on WRGP Radiate FM FIU Radio (the Sunday 8-10 slot) where I spin dubstep, grime, UK Funky, house and all facets of the bass continuum. Been doing the show for almost a year and a half, and it's my baby. It's gone through so many stages of growth, with myself fostering it to what it is now. And it can only get bigger (that's what she said).

Guests I've had on the show include: Mary Anne Hobbs, Juan Basshead, Gooddroid, Dave Betamax, Animal Krackerz, Never Yawn, Grayghost, Jumanji and more.

Dream Guests: Rick Ross, Oneman, Wiley, DJ/Rupture, Starkey, DJ Khaled, Eric Rincon, Ben UFO

This isn't actually my first time on the MD blog. Jsin, pretty much the earliest supporter of WWU02, wrote about the show when it first started.

Basically I'm going to be introducing new sounds to the Miami mindset. Not only Miami-bred things, but stuff that can have a potential impact on our scene and provoke huge growth within. I wanna also find oddities within the Miami community that relate to our booming bass scene and hopefully connect it all to what we're here for in the first place: to dance.

So that's my aim essentially.

Visit my radio show's blog and if you want to e-mail me, it's

And if you see me at the club, say what's up! I look like this:

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